5 Tips To Write The Perfect Answer In CBSE Board Exams


Writing an answer during the exam also plays an equally important role while preparing for exams. After thorough preparation, if a student is not able to present the answers on the exam sheet properly, all the effort towards their preparation will go in vain.

Apart from the preparations, students should also have a good skill in writing or presenting answers for a particular question in a clear and concise way. Even a small error caused by their negligence may reflect on their final results.

Here are few simple exam writing tips to help you understand how to answer exam questions.

  • Plan according to the time. There will be very less time to solve the paper and working under this time constraints in the exam room can be quite difficult. Hence, never waste even a second of your time. Read the complete question paper and other instructions in the allotted time of 15 to 20 min and plan accordingly which questions to be attempted first.
  • Most of the examiners who check our answer scripts also emphasize on proper presentation of the answer script. Therefore, students should take care of their handwriting and maintain a proper space between the numbers. The diagrams or the flowchart should not be messy, it should be present clearly with neat formal labelling. Remember not to strike or overwrite as this will make the answer paper look untidy.
  • For subjects like Biology and other Science related questions, write only what is required. Before starting the answer, read and understand the given question carefully. Try to limit your answer to the requirement and do not just write answers to fill the pages. This won’t fetch any marks instead you lose marks. Most of the students write their answer lengthier as they believe, ‘longer the answer, the more it will score.’ But it’s an absolutely absurd as the examiner only looks for the appropriate and valid answers, not the stories.
  • Try to make your answers more interesting and attractive by adding more examples, presenting in points, by drawing a neatly labelled diagram, as examiners give more importance to equations, images, subtitles and neat handwriting while allotting marks. Never use any short forms in your answer booklets like didn’t and can’t, instead of this use did not and cannot. Always use common and low-frequency words to explain your answer and do not squeeze words on the same line. Present the answers in points as they are easy to read and easy to evaluate for the evaluators. Maintain a proper spacing between each word and remember to leave some space before starting the next question as it makes the answer script to look clean and tidy.
  • Do not be in a hurry in writing your answer. After carefully reading the question, plan the structure of your answer. Short and very short answers can be explained in 5 to 6 points or in two paragraphs. But coming to the long or essay answers, students should be very careful in answering this type of essay answers. Most essays should have an introduction, three main points, and a conclusion. For example: If you are asked a question about Write a short note on Ecosystem? Here you need to elaborate the complete points about the Ecosystem, its definition, different types, diagrams if any, and few examples. Remember to present the answer in paragraphs or in points, but make it clear and simple for an examiner to evaluate.

These were a few tips on how to write the perfect answer in CBSE Board exams

All the very best!!!

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