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Non-Multiple Choice Questions of Best Seller Class 9th.

Read the extract and answer the questions that follow.

1. “The next morning at eleven sharp, I rang the doorbell of that World’s Fair main building.”

(a) Who had Pescud come to meet ?

Ans. Pescud had come to meet Jessie’s father.

(b) What was the purpose of his visit ?

Ans. He had come there to talk to Jessie’s father and to disclose his liking for her.

(c) Why was he surprised to see the inside of the big building ?

Ans. He was surprised because the inside of the building was impoverished and had very old furniture.

2. “For about nine seconds, he had me rattled, and I came mighty near getting cold feet and trying to sell him some plate-glass. ”

(a) The speaker is talking about

Ans. He is talking about his meeting with Colonel Allyn, Jessie’s father.
(b) What does the word ‘rattle’ mean here ?

Ans. It means shaking vigorously, confused and nervous.

(c) What did the speaker do after these ‘nine seconds’ ?

Ans. After these nine seconds, he got over his nervousness, gained confidence and talked about his liking for Jessie.

3. “Good-luck to you, Trevelyan, ” “And may you get the petunias for your princess!” [CBSE 2011 (Term II)]

(a) By whom have these words been spoken ?

Ans. These words have been spoken by the narrator to Pescud.

(b) ‘Trevelyan’ was the hero of_________.

Ans. Trevelyan was the hero of the best seller ‘The Rose Lady and Trevelyan’.

(c) Who is the ‘princess’ mentioned here ?

Ans. Princess here refers to Jessie, Pescud’s wife.


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