Non-Multiple Choice Questions of Villa for Sale Drama Class 9th


Read the following extracts and answer the questions.

1. “That was a month ago and now I have only one thought, that is to get the wretched place off my hands. ”

(a) Who is speaking this line and to whom?

Ans. This line has been spoken by Juliette who desperately wants to sell her villa. She is talking to her

(b) What is the thought dominating the speaker’s mind?

Ans. The thought of selling the villa at any cost is dominating her mind.

(c) Why does the speaker call her house a ‘wretched place’?


Ans. She called it so because even after a month of putting up ‘for Sale’ sign, she could not get any prospective buyer.

2. “A maid, Madam. They prefer the real article. They say maids are born, maids are not maids. They are giving me a hundred francs a morning for doing it”.

(a) Who is the speaker here?

Ans. The speaker here is Juliette’s maid.

(b) Who is ‘they’ referred to?

Ans. ‘They’ here is referred to the people from the film industry.
(c) What is meant by ‘real article’?

Ans. Here, it is meant ‘a real life actor’.

3. “I tell you what I will do. I will be philanthropic and let you have it for two hundred thousand. ”

(a) Who is the speaker here?

Ans. The speaker here is Juliette.

(b) What is meant by ‘philanthropic’?

Ans. It means a person who freely gives money or other help to people who need it.

(c) What is the speaker telling about selling?

Ans. The speaker is telling him that she is selling the villa for a paltry amount.




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