Notes of What is Constitutional Design Class 9th Social Science Civics


Constitutional Design class 9 notes
Q 1. why was Nelson Mandela sentenced to live imprisonment?

Ans   Nelson Mandela sentenced to live imprisonment because he opposes the apartheid regime in his country.

Q.2 what is apartheid?

Ans Apartheid is social discrimination between white and black people.

  • The system of apartheid divided the people and called then on the basis of their skin color.

Q.3 The apartheid system was particularly oppressive for the blacks-justify.

Ans. The apartheid system was particularly oppressive for the blacks. They were forbidden for from in white areas using.

  • They could work in white areas only if they had a permit.
  • Trains, buses, taxis etc. were all separate for the white and blacks.
  • They could not even visit the churches  where the white worshipped
  • Blacks could not form associations or protest against the terrible treatment.

Q.4 What is the constitution and why is it important?

Ans. The constitution of a country is a set of written rules that are accepted by all people living together in a country people living together in a country.

  • Constitution id the supreme law that determines the relationship among people living in the territory and also the relationship between the people and government. A constitution does many things.
  • It generates a degree of test and coordinates that is necessary for different kind of people to line together.
  • It specifies how the government will be the establishment, who will have the power to take which decisions.
  • It expresses the aspirations of the people about creating a good society.

Q.5 Describe the main features of the preamble of Indian constitution.

Ans. The preamble of the constitution read like a poem an democracy.

  • It contains the philosophy on which the entire constitution has been built.
  • It provides a standard to examine and evaluate any and action of government do find out whether it is good or bad.
  • It is the soul of the Indian constitution.

Q.6 Why should we accept the constitution made by constitution Assembly more than fifty years ago.?

Ans. The constitution does not affect the views of its members alone it expresses a broad consensus of its time.

  • Our the last half a century, several groups have questioned some provision of the constitution. But for me large social group a political party has ever questioned the legitimacy of the constitution its
  • The constitutive Assembly represented the people of India finally, the name in which the constitutive Assembly asked give sanctity to the constitution.
  • Nelson Mandela fought against apartheid in South Africa. He became 1st president of the repulic of South Africa and awarded the nobel prize for peace in 1993.
  • Nelson Mandela was imprisoned in 1964 for 28 Years
  • Nelson Mandela was imprisoned in Robben Island , most dreaded prison of South Africa.
  • The new national flag of the Republic of South Africa was unfuled for the first time on April 26, 1994
  • The main object of constitution is to generate trust among the people.
  • India has adopted the parliamentary system of government from Great Britain.
  • Bill of lights was paused in parliamentary of USA.
  • Election to constituent Assembly of india were held in July 1946.
  • The first meeting of the constituent Assembly was held in December 1946
  • Constituent assembly of India had 299 members.
  • The constituent assembly adopted the draft constitution on Nov 26, 1949 & came into effect on Jan 26,

Q7 The South African constitution inspires democrats all our the world. Explain?

  • South Africa constitution game to its citizen the most extensive rights available in any country.
  • Together they decided that in the search for a solution to the problems, nobody should be excluded, no one should be treated as demon.
  • They agreed that everybody should become past of the solution, whatever they have alone on represented in the past.
  • Thus, the South Africa constitution inspires democrat all ever the would.
  • A state denounced by the entire would tile recently as the most undemocratic one is now seen as a mode of a democracy.
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