Short Answer Questions of The Frog and the Nightingale Class 10th.


1.  How was the frog in the poem, ‘The Frog and the Nightingale’ responsible for the death of the nightingale?

Ans : The frog was very manipulative and inhuman. He took full advantage of the nightingale’s innocence and vulnerability. He was clever to exploit the nightingale’s weakness for, fame and adoration of the fans. He made her sing in rough weathers, in rain and storm, continuously for hours together. He forced her to pack more energy and sing fast-paced notes. So sheer exertion made the nighingale burst a vein and  die.

2.  “Artists thrive and flourish due to the admiration of their fans.” Do you think this statement proves true  in  case  of  the  nightingale? Discuss.

Ans : Yes, the nightingale did get addicted to praise and fan-following. It is natural for any artist to look for fame


and popularity because they not only thrive on it but also derive inspiration to perform better. The nightingale was  no different. She did not enjoy singing when the residents of  the  bog  stopped  coming  to  listen  to  her  concerts.

3.  Inspite of the frog’s singing the whole night, why did the creatures in the Bingle Bog hate him?


How did the Bingle Bog creatures react to frog’s song  and  the  nightingale’s song?

Ans : The creatures of Bingle Bog were very irritated by the loud, brash singing of the frog. The frog was totally insensitive to their discomfort and no amount of threats, beating could stop the frog. The nightingale’s songs were  a pleasant relief. She was musical, melodious and never disturbed  the  creatures  of  Bingle  Bog  for  no reason.

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