Summary of Lord Ullin’s Daughter Class 9th.



The poem ‘Lord Ullin’s Daughter’ is written in the form of a ballad by Thomas Campbell. Like all ballads it tells a story, but the story is of two unfortunate lovers, whose story ends in a tragedy.
A Scottish chieftain of Ulva’s Isle falls in love with Lord Ullin’s daughter. Lord Ullin was simply disgusted with the alliance, so the lovers run away to escape the wrath of Lord Ullin. The lovers are chased on horse-back by Lord Ullin and his men. The lovers reach the shore of a tempestuous sea. The chieftain asks the boatman to row them to the other shore. He tells the boatman that he and his beloved would not be left alive if the boatman does not help them. The boatman is reluctant at first because of the tempest in the sea. Later he agrees to undertake the deadly voyage because he is awed by the girl’s beauty. He also rejects the chieftain’s offer of a pound of silver.
As the boat enters the tempestuous waters, the storm grows more fierce, the waves rise very high. Soon the storm grows fiercer and the waves get menacing. Forceful wind and the raging water sink the boat. Lord Ullin’s daughter raises one hand for help and puts the other arm around her lover. Meanwhile Lord Ulllin reaches the shore and helplessly watches his daughter perish in the raging water before his eyes. His ‘come-back’ call and a promise of forgiveness prove to be of no avail because the lovers perish in the sea. Lord Ullin is full of remorse and regret but that proves futile after the death of his dear daughter.


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