Notes Of Resources And Development Geography Class 10th


Resources and Development


1. Resource

  • Everything available in our earth which can be used to satisfy our needs.
  • It is technologically accessible, economically jeasible and culturally acceptable.

Classification Of Resources

On The Basis Of Origin, Resources Are Classified In Two Groups:

  1. Biotic: The resources which are found in the biosphere and have life example flora and fauna.
  2. Abiotic: Composed of non living things. Example: Rock, metals.

On The Basis Of Exhaustibility:

  1. Renewable Resources: The resources which can be renewed or reproduce. Example: water and solar energy.
  2. Non-Renewable Resources: Those resources which cannot be renewed or replenished easily. Formation takes place million of year. Example: fossil fuels, minerals

On The Basis Of Ownership:

  1. Individual Resources: Resources and privately by individual. Example: land by farmer.
  2. Community Owned Resources: Resources which are accessible to all the members of community of playground burial ground.
  3. National Resources: The resources which belong to a nation easy roadway Railway ocean water 12 nautical miles (22.3 km)
  4. International Resources: The resources which do not belongs to a particular Nation. Eg: Ocean resources beyond 200 km.

On The Basis Of States Of Development:

  1. Potential Resources: The resources which are founded in a region but have not been utilized. Eg: Wind and solar energy in Gujarat and Rajasthan.
  2. Development Resources: The resources which are survey and their quality and quantity are determined. Eg: Tree in forest
  3. Stock: The resources which have the potential to satisfy the human needs. But human do not have the technology to use them. Eg: Water (hydrogen, oxygen)
  4. Reserve: The resources which can be put in the use with the help of technology. But they are use has not been started. Eg: Hydro electricity from water.


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  1. This notes help me so much for learning . But according to ncert there is topic on land resources that is not written in notes.


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