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Short Answer Questions of A Dog Name Duke Class 9th.

1. ‘‘It was like lighting a fuse.’’
Explain the context of the above statement.
Ans. One evening, Chuck’s good hand hooked into Duke’s lead of the collar to hold him still. It was like ‘lightning a fuse’ because on the spur of the moment, an idea struck the dog’s mind as to how to help Chuck move about and walk.
2. Why did Chuck feel more lonely at home?
Ans. When Chuck was in the hospital, getting treated for paralysis, there were other injured people too, and so he was not lonely there. But at home, each morning when his wife, Marcy, went out to work, he was left all alone with his thoughts.
3. How did Chuck Hooper happen to take his first step?
Ans. When Chuck’s good hand hooked into the leash of Duke’s collar, Duke moved u-shaped and walked ahead with bigger steps. Chuck struggled for balance and with his good hand he placed the leash in his left, paralysed hand.
With Marcy’s help, he moved his right leg out, causing the left foot to drag forward. Duke had helped him take his first step.
4. What was the reaction of the neighbours as they watched Chuck’s progress everyday?
Ans. The neighbours used to watch very keenly and curiously the daily struggle in front of Marcy’s house. On the sidewalk, they saw the dog pull his leash tightly and then stood and wait for Hooper to follow him. They watched every step of progress made by Hooper. When on June 1, Hooper and Duke made it to the intersection, this news spread quite far away.
5. What objectives were set up by Chuck Hooper in his pattern of progress?
Ans. When Chuck was making good progress, he and Duke started making two trips in a day. They lengthened their targets to one-drive-way at a time. Even Duke no longer waited at each step. One day, Chuck Hooper walked to his office without Duke and expressed his willingness to work for an hour in a day in the beginning.
6. What was the problem presented by Chuck in his company?
Ans. When Chuck reached the office and asked for work, the staff was quite shocked. Chuck’s step presented a tough problem because nobody had the courage to tell him that in his condition, he wouldn’t be able to handle the job.
They didn’t know what to do with a person who couldn’t move around, and could only work for an hour a day.
7. What did the people wonder about Charles Hooper after the death of Duke?
Ans. People had observed Duke helping Hooper walk.
It was an amazing sight for them. Now when Duke died, and Hooper walked alone day after day, the people wondered how long he would keep up with the walk. They were curious to know how far he would walk, and whether he would be able to walk all alone in the absence of Duke.
8. Discuss the significance of the promotion given by the company headquarters to honour Duke?
Ans. Hooper was appointed as the ‘Assistant National Sales Manager’. His promotion was more of a tribute to Duke as it was only due to the efforts made by Duke that Hooper was able to regain health, his job and his confidence. This was no ordinary promotion but very significant as Duke’s efforts had changed an impossible thing into a possible one.
9. How did January 4, the day, become significant in the life of Hooper? [CBSE 2010 (Term 1)]
Hooper had been working as a Zonal Sales Manager in a chemical company. One day he met with an accident and was paralysed. Being bedridden he had lost all hopes of his recovery. It was his dog ‘Duke’ who awakened his dormant will to fight back and emerge victorious. The dog was instrumental in helping him take more steps each day. So January 4 was a significant day in his life because he had walked 200 metres, without any assistance, to his office.
10. Which incident transformed Chuck Hooper
from a favoured young man to an unfortunate young man ? [CBSE 2010 (Term 1)]
Hooper was fortunate in every way. He was tall, healthy and satisfied man working as a Zonal Sales Manager in a chemical company. Everyone liked him, but good luck did not last long and one unlucky day when he was driving home from office, a car collided head on withhis car. He had a brain injury which paralysed his left side.
He became bedridden. In this way from a favoured young man, he was transformed into an unfortunate man.
11. Who do you think was responsible for Chuck’s progress in getting back on his feet ?
[CBSE 2010 (Term 1)]
Hooper met with an accident and was paralysed. He was bedridden, and when he had lost all hopes of his recovery, it was his dog, Duke, who was responsible for Chuck’s progress in getting him back to his feet. He helped Hooper to get over his handicap and proved that dogged determination, ability and perseverance in little measures, can achieve the impossible. Duke awakened what was lying dormant in Hooper’s mind—the will to fight back and emerge victorious.
12. What was the reaction of the staff when Chuck visited his district office? What did he say to the manager Gorden Doule ? [CBSE 2010 (Term 1)]
When Chuck visited his district office, the staff was amazed by his visit. They were further susprised when he told his manager, Gorden Doule, that he wanted to continue work, initially for one hour. Chuck’s move presented tough problem for them because, seeing Chuck’s courage and determination, nobody had the courage to tell him that he wouldn’t be able to handle his old job.
Moreover, they didn’t know what to do with his demand to do a desk job just for one hour when his job of a salesman required him to move around all the time.


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