Short Answer Questions of Keeping it from Harold Class 9th.



1. Give two reasons to prove that Bill was a ‘domestic creature’.

Ans. At one place, when Major Percy was persuading Mr. Bramble to hide his career from his son, he agreed to it without any objection. In private life, he was the mildest and most obliging of men and always yielded to everybody. At another place, he tells Jerry that he was sorry for withdrawing from the boxing fight as it was important for Harold. So, both the instances show how his decisions were focussed on the well-being of his family.

2. Why was Mrs. Bramble amazed by bringing forth such a prodigy like Harold?

Ans. Mrs. Bramble was amazed at having brought forth such a prodigy like Harold because he was so much different from ordinary children, was devoted to his books, was a model of good behavior, and was highly admirable. He was, in fact, almost a symbol of perfectionism.

3. Give two character traits of Major Percy Stokes.
Ans. (i) Major Percy Stokes is persuasive by nature. He is successful in persuading Mr. Bramble to give up his boxing fight with Murphy, stating the reason that this profession was below his dignity as it involved a lot of anger; thus Bill should not only give it up but also hide his profession from his son Harold.

(ii) He is very scornful and loves to trouble others. He enjoys the argument between Mr. and Mrs. Bramble over the issue of going for a boxing fight on Monday. He likes to be in a dominant position, for which he doesn’t even mind harming his own sister’s (Mrs. Bramble’s) family needs and interests.

4. How did the birth of Harold change the Bramble household?

Ans. Before the birth of Harold, Mr. Bramble had been proud of being a professional boxer. He was delighted to be the possessor of a left hook which had won the approval of the newspapers. Now since Harold had come into his life, he was afraid of his name in the newspaper and kept his profession secret from his son. Actually, Harold was a prodigy child and both Mr. and Mrs. Bramble thought that
the profession of boxing was too disgraceful for their son, and so they hid Bramble’s profession from him.

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