Long Answer Questions of Patol Babu, Film Star Class 10th English Chapter 5.


1. Patol Babu reached home and was overcome with mixed feelings of happiness for a good performance but disappointment for being sidelined with such a speaking role. He writes a diary entry in this state of mind. Write the diary for him.
Ans : Dear Diary,
It was a day of mixed emotions, happiness and disappointment packed together. I had gone to Faraday House with great expectations and imagine I was asked to utter just ‘oh’! How I died an instant death? All my hopes and aspirations were dashed to pieces. But still I kept my cool. I remembered the advice of my mentor and perfected every bit of my role. Almost everyone, even the hero Chanchal Kumar praised my good work. But the mechanical, inhuman nature of the film-folk hurt me when the time came to collect my twenty rupees, I could not remain there. No money could measure my hard-work and dedication. I know even twenty rupees are needed at home but I felt they were not a worthy remuneration. I hope I am right! God alone knows!
Patol Babu
2. Naresh Dutt, the director, was surprised to find Patol Babu missing. He had seen Patol Babu’s meticulous nature and eye for minute details.
No one ever went away without taking the money. Despite his busy schedule, Naresh Dutt couldn’t forget Patol Babu. He found out the details of Patol Babu’s hard work from other people around. He writes a letter to his friend regarding the hardwork some insignificant people put in and yet their contribution goes unacknowledged. Write the letter for him.
Ans :Service Lane,
ABC City
5 Sept. 2010
Dear Mohan,
In our busy lives we seldom notice exceptional people who look quite ordinary. I wish to recount such an incident to you when I had hired a man, who was 52 years old named Patol Babu for a minuscule role. He just had to utter one word ‘oh’! I was told later by my staff and other people that Patol Babu, after the initial disappointment, had practiced that word in all different kind of ways. He gave a superb performance but we were too busy in other technicalities and looking after lead actors to notice it. I was amazed to discover that he did not want to collect his money. Maybe we have erred in some way.
I am sure we did not value his capability. Nevertheless I will go to his home personally and try to make amends and talk to him. That will really ease my guilt.
Will share the rest with you later.
Your friend,
Naresh Dutt
3. Give a character sketch of Patol Babu giving evidence from the text.
Ans : Patol Babu was a modest, talented and timid man.
He was an artist at heart — emotional, talented but too prone to being hurt. He was full of dramatic skills and could deliver powerful dialogues. He had been a great hit, doing theatre for ‘jatras’ and people specially flocked to see him. He was a perfectionist and packed in a very pow erful performance for his minuscule role. His ‘Oh!’ had modulation of voice, body language and great dramatic skills. He was most emotional and felt really hurt to see the neglect in the eyes of the director. Patol babu is an ideal artist who is not wordly wise and a dreamer who is not practical.


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