Multiple Choice Questions of Patol Babu, Film Star Class 10th English Chapter 5.


1. Read the following extracts and choose the
correct option.
At one time Patol Babu had a real passion for
the stage, in fact, it verged on obsession.
(i) Patol Babu during his earlier years had been
(a) a singer (c) in street plays
(b) a theatre artist (d) in movies
(ii) He was obsessed because :
(a) he always talked about it
(b) he kept trying to get more and more
(c) he worked without money
(d) he kept repeating many dialogues
(iii) Patol Babu was by nature :
(a) an artist (c) a perfectionist
(b) a lyric writer (d) temperamental
Answers : (i) (b) (ii) (d) (iii) (c)
2. ‘‘Fine, I wouldn’t have come to you for just a

walk-on part’’.
(i) The speaker is
(a) Patol Babu
(c) Naresh Dutt
(b) Patol’s wife (d) Baren Mullick

(ii) The speaker proves to be ______ what he

(a) a cheater
(c) untrue
(b) a crook (d) exaggerating

(iii) The result of this on Patol Babu was:
(a) encouraging (c) lukewarm
(b) very demoralising (d) bad
Answers : (i) (c) (ii) (d) (iii) (a)
3. The heat was stifling. The Jacket weighed a ton.
Patol Babu couldn’t keep standing in one spot
any more, his legs felt heavy.
(i) Patol Babu’s condition became bad because :
(a) it was very hot
(b) he had no place to stand
(c) there was so much crowd
(d) he felt depressed
(ii) The reason for the Patol Babu’s condition
was :
(a) he was made to wait for a long time
(b) he was treated badly
(c) he had to speak just one word
(d) he wasn’t paid
(iii) Patol Babu had not expected this to happen
because of :
(a) his expectations
(b) Naresh Dutt’s assurances
(c) his wife’s jibes
(d) the director’s orders
Answers : (i) (d) (ii) (c) (iii) (b)
4. Patol Babu felt that he could write a whole thesis
on that one monosyllabic exclamation.
(i) Patol Babu rehearsed
(a) his actions
(b) the hero’s dialogues
(c) the exclamation ‘Oh!’.
(d) his songs
(ii) By writing a thesis, it is meant that :
(a) Patol Babu was a scholar
(c) he could guide others
(b) he was going to the library
(d) he became an expert
(iii) Patol Babu did this because he believed :
(a) one must practice hard for whatever one
(c) one must ask for money
(b) one must discuss with others
(d) one must never make any committment
Answers : (i) (c) (ii) (d) (iii) (a)
5. What was twenty rupees when measured
against the intense satisfaction of a small job
done with perfection and dedication.
(i) Twenty rupees was the amount meant for :
(a) refreshments
(b) payment for his role
(c) transportation
(d) hiring him
(ii) The above sentence reveals that Patol Babu
(a) an accountant
(b) very emotional and passionate about
his work
(c) money-minded
(d) not foresighted
(iii) Patol Babu didn’t collect the money because
he felt :
(a) he felt the money was too less
(b) no money could compensate for his
(c) no one was giving him any attention
(d) they should deliver the money home.
Answers : (i) (b) (ii) (b) (iii) (b)
6. Counting your chickens again before they are
hatched, are you? No wonder you could never
make a go of it.
[C.B.S.E. 2012 (T-2)]
Who is the speaker?
(a) Patol Babu
(b) Patol Babu’s wife
(c) Naresh Dutt
(d) Chanchal Kumar
(ii) What topic was being discussed?
(a) a role in the shoot
(b) money
(c) writing books
(d) none of the above
(iii) “make a go of it” means
(a) to act hard
(b) to fail
(c) become successful
(d) to cheat
Answers : (i) (b) (ii) (a) (iii) (c)
7. Ten minutes later Naresh Dutt went looking for
Patol Babu near the pan shop and found that he
was not there. “That’s odd- the man hadn’t been
paid yet. What a strange fellow!”
(i) Where had Patol Babu gone?
(a) to his guru Mr. Pakrashi’s place
(b) to Karali Babu’s house for Kali puja
(c) back to his home.
(d) for the shooting of his TV serial
(ii) Why was Naresh Dutt looking for Patol
(a) He wanted him to know that everybody
liked his performance.
(b) He wanted to give him his payment.
(c) He wanted him to meet the director of
the movie.
(d) He wanted him to reshoot.
(iii) What does the incident tell us about Patol
Babu ?
(a) that he was an eccentric man
(b) that he was a busy man
(c) that satisfcation mattered more to him
than money
(d) that he was a good actor
Answers : (i) (c) (ii) (b) (iii) (c)



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